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We are a Tutbury based media studio specialising in Animation. Explore the store to discover our online portfolios and learn more about what we do…


Red Door Studios is made up of a photography studio that doubles up as a workshop for our animation and media classes.  We also have a gallery showcasing a variety of projects, which leads up to our comfy meeting room. Upstairs we have a fully equipped digital suite where our editing, the bulk of the animation and design work takes place. There are also bathroom and kitchen facilities, often with a pot of coffee and a biscuit at hand for guests to enjoy!

Visit the roof for more information on how to contact us or where to find us.

Who we are

Established in 2007, Red Door Studios is home to award winning and acclaimed creatives producing a wide and varied portfolio of digital media. The Red Door grew from an animation production house into the multi facetted studio it is today, undertaking photography, illustration, exhibition design, film and animation for adverts, theatre, awareness campaigns and many more.

Take a look through the different floors to view our wide-ranging portfolios and case studies.

The Red Door is also a leading deliverer of media education. We currently undertake a range of workshops for groups and individuals. Visit the 2nd floor for more information.


Tilley has been animating for television series, ad campaigns,  education and theatre for nine years, and has a string of awards to her name including a D&AD Yellow Pencil and nominations for a Royal Television Society awards and two British Animation Awards.With Tilley at the helm, her experience, reputation and firm background in animation and lens media, Red Door Studios has broadened it’s reach from animation production, and now undertakes a wide range of media with the help of a pool of talented freelancers.

Ian Whittle is Tilley's right hand man in all things animation, he runs the Saturday Animation School as well as being first port of call on major Red Door projects. The Red Door relies on Claire for keeping them organised. She also keeps the occupants in a regular supply of cake, for which we thank her greatly.

What we do

Services include:





Exhibition design

Conference and event visuals

Theatrical and stage backdrops






The Red Door is a fully equipped animation production house relying on believable characters and clever design. We use digital and traditional production techniques to create bespoke animations, from idents and stings to tv  series, adverts and theatrical backdrops.

If you are looking for characters that are engaging and capture the imagination, open The Red Door and see what’s inside.


As an exciting and dramatic addition to an arts festival or community event, or as a character in a stage production, Red Door Studios design, make and operate puppets for a range of events.

We also regularly run puppet making and performance workshops nationwide, where participants can create and perform a giant puppet as a team, or design, make and operate smaller puppets. Take a look through out Workshop Directory on the 2nd floor for more details.

About Film and Animation

At The Red Door, we believe that a good film comes from a good story. Whether simple or complex, long or short, we work with talented scriptwriters and editors as well as visual artists, crew, actors and sound designers to develop your project into an engaging and visually stunning work.

Animation and Film can be used in a myriad of ways for marketing, education or entertainment, and often sits in more than one of these fields.  We help you identify how and where you want to use your film, who it is aimed at and what results you need from it.

We have worked closely with wide and varied clients including universities, county and borough councils, creative agencies and more to produce shorts and interactive learning scenarios for use on screen, on stage, for web and in exhibitions.

Case Study - Away From Home

Client - Stoke City Council

Brief - To work with young people in care and explore their experiences and opinions about the care system in Stoke. Help them to create a film about these experiences to be used as part of a tool kit to help children who are about to be taken into the system, as well as adults currently connected with it.




Red Door offers film production services for promotional tools, awareness and education campaigns, viral marketing and more.  We have a range of products and production schedules to suit every budget and timetable, with additional options like motion graphics and sound design to choose from.

Get in touch to arrange a free consultation and to visit the studio.

Case Study - Buggy Advert

Client – Ghost Creations (Agency)

Brief – to create an animated advert showcasing the flexibility of the latest buggy product in a variety of international locations

Saturday Animation School

Ever wondered how an animation is made? Have you tried animation before and would like a chance to further your skills? Do you want to work towards recognised National Level Awards and even enter your films into festivals nation wide? Red Door's Saturday Animation School is for any age and ability, whether working towards a career in animation or just for fun. Set in our award-winning studio, weekend animation students have the opportunity to try their hand at drawn, stop motion, cut out animation and more.

Why not visit us to look around the studio and talk to one of our in house tutors to see if this exciting opportunity is for you? Tuition is available for individuals or as groups from £7.25 per person for an hour for groups, or £26 for individuals. Price includes tuition with our CRB checked professional animators, materials, equipment, software, time in a working animation house and an end of term showcase featuring your work!

Case Study - Shelly Gould

Shelly is one of our regular animation students, visiting us weekly for individual tuition with Tilley. She is a graphic faciliator and illustrator based in Burton on Trent, her charming style and infectious enthusiasm is captured within each image she produces.

Shelly has been with us for 4 years, and completed 3 animated shorts and countless illustrations. In her sessions at the Red Door, Shelly has also created a website to promote herself and the visual work she produces. You can visit her site here



workshop Directory



About Our Workshops

Looking for a workshop to educate, motivate and inspire?

The Red Door has built a reputation for exciting cross curricular classes that use and develop a wide variety of skills. The sessions can even be linked with current school projects. Our range of animation workshops develop ICT skills, creative writing, drama, art and design, mathmatics (its true!), music and more.

Animation, Film and Puppetry are exciting and instantly engaging. We want to help brake down barriers there may have been in the past with technology, equipment or knowledge and allow everyone to embrace media as the phenomenal tool for creative expression it really is.

We can work from our studio, or run most workshops remotely in a location of your choice, within reason! Get in touch for more details.

From Design to Installation

Whether you are hosting a presentation, conference, event, or exhibition, Red Door offers audiovisual services that not only compliment your occasion, but make it memorable.


Our hard work and reputation has enabled us to enjoy years of repeated custom from an exciting array of varied events, providing branding, design, layout, technical support and event management.


No matter the size of exhibition or event, we can tailor a package to suit your creative needs, timescale and budget.

Exhibition Design and Installation

Red Door Studios offer a complete range of services, including a recently added ‘Interactive Learning’ package where participants explore and discover through games, films and quizzes onscreen.

We offer a range of display options depending on your requirements and the location, supported by printed packs and other media, so the learning experience doesn’t have to stop one your audience leave the venue.

Most recently, we were commissioned by East Staffordshire Borough Council to design and install the ‘Exemplar Property, the Safe, Sustainable Eco Home’.


Red Door Studios have worked for classical and contemporary music events, producing supporting visuals that compliment the lighting, music and tone. Working with staging directors or committees, we have delivered a range of stunning visual works that enhance rather than detract from a performance.

From an animated time machine to delicate poppy fields, or titles to translations, onstage visuals have the added bonus of enabling you to totally capture an audience, or even help them understand the music in a different way.

Show Visuals

Inspiring design for projection and desplay onstage.

Animated and Illustrated Scenery, video sequences, motion Graphics. From traditional hand drawn animation to exhilarating motion graphics, the Red Door focuses on producing memorable and exciting moving image for stage.

Whether you are organising a performance, show or concert, the Red Door will work with you to produce a spectacular experience for your audience. Moving image for stage provides a complete alternative to conventional set, or can be used as a versatile support to traditional staging.

We tailor the visuals to your requirements, so they are ready for projection or display on screen and LED walls of any shape and size. The Red Door also offers design consultations for individual productions where we work with you to develop the right visual style. This is where we can offer experience and creativity to enable your production to be outstanding.

Conference Visuals

Whether you’re in need of something to spice up a work presentation, or visuals to make an annual awards ceremony really spectacular, Red Door will manage your event from concept to delivery.

Our team can provide you with everything you might need for your conference or event, from lighting and effects to staging and print work. Every element of the project will be designed to compliment your brand identity, and show it off to in the best possible light.

Remember, there is more to life than PowerPoint, leave your clients with something to remember.


Telling your story through photography


Lifestyle and corporate photography


Here at The Red Door, we are passionate about good narrative. We believe that each photograph should hold a story, whether it is about you, your family, a special event, an important product or an extraordinary location.

We can either host your shoot at our studio in Tutbury, or bring our mobile studio to you.


Interactive design for websites, e-learning and more.


Red Door designs sites and interactive elements for games, e-learning and exhibition.


Every brief is approached with fresh and imaginative eyes allowing for beautiful, inventive and often extraordinary outcomes. We’re not afraid to experiment with new techniques, aiming to surprise the client whilst constantly uniting usability and design. We also have the advantage of being fully equiped to produce any video content you require.

Design Services

Our host of design services are delivered as part of a wide media package or as individual projects.


We can integrate any new piece of design with your existing brand and visual identity, or create a whole new one for you if its time to refresh your look.


Illustrations are an exciting addition to design and marketing projects. They can be instructional, add visual interest and communicate very quickly with your audience.

Graphic Design

Brand Packs, logos, layouts and more. Red Door also have the capacity to develop your new visuals into motion graphics which you can use online or onscreen as idents, stings and to give your presentations life.

Print Management

What good would our creative team be if they created stunning visuals, but didn’t do anything with them? Red Door leases directly with our specialist printing companies who are chosen for their quality and cost effectiveness, to ensure your end products are as dazzling in print, as they are on screen.


We can also advise you how best to use your new designs; it might be in printed booklets, impressive coloured flags that stand 5 meters tall, or on a range of personalised marketing materials. Get in touch for a free consultation and for more details on past projects.

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